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About Us


We’re an approachable MSP based near Manchester England, who believe that a well-designed system is easy to understand, and that this simplicity is a key factor in reliability.

We also believe that your business priorities should dictate your system infrastructure, and not the other way around.

Talk to us about your business, and we’ll fill in the technical details with you.

Contact Us

Email us at or call 0161 818 7631 to talk about your business needs, and we’ll be the cloud experts to join you on your journey.

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Provider-Agnostic Infrastructure Design

We know that every business is different and that your infrastructure needs will be bespoke too. We also don’t believe that one hosting provider is always the best place for all of your infrastructure. 

We’ll discuss your requirements with you and then suggest and implement the infrastructure across as many clouds and providers as necessary, providing you with one consolidated invoice.

Managed Backups

Don’t be the next victim of an unrecoverable ransomware attack. Our backup solutions are offsite and range from daily full server backups, to regular backups of critical data.

Linux and AWS Server Management

Let us manage your infrastructure, whether it’s made up of cattle, pets, or a mixture.

You can sleep easier knowing that we are watching your servers.

We handle alerting, patching, replication, backups and more.

Debian Consulting

We’ve been using Debian as our GNU/Linux of choice since 2010. We can help support day to day administration of your system, patching, backups, and upgrades.

MySQL Consulting


When was the last time you tested your database backups? How much loss of data could you tolerate in a disaster? Let us help design the right implementation for your needs.

We’re MySQL experts with experience designing, implementing and troubleshooting MySQL installations from one server to dozens.

We have extensive experience with both asynchronous and synchronous replication (using Percona XtraDB Cluster running on Galera), with MySQL configuration and monitoring, backup options and query optimisation.

Bespoke DevOps Support

Let your team of developers work on your core product, and we’ll slot into the team to troubleshoot your pipeline, to figure out why the website suddenly won’t deploy, or just as general consultants.

Emergency Support

If your website is down, contact us now to see how we can help.